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Are you looking for a remarkable Window Cleaning Company in Toronto? Here is the solution for your cleaning and maintenance problems. Streakfree is one of the top names among Window Cleaning Toronto Companies. We have the best track record in providing the best reliable snow removal, window and eaves cleaning services.

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We have professional, well trained workers that provide the best flawless services. Our entire team is committed to providing the best Window Cleaning Services in Toronto to our customer and to fulfill their requirements. Our experts own a successful history of meeting up to the level of customer’s satisfaction along with maintenance of work quality


The team of Streak free Inc’s is specialized in providing following services

  • Window Cleaning 
  • Snow Removal
  • Eaves Cleaning

We welcome you to earn best services from us and furnish a glamorous look of your homes, offices, schools and buildings.

Why Us ?

No doubt our workers have mastered Eaves and Window Cleaning Toronto. Our expertise, high quality cleaning machinery, reliability and affordability are some major factors which make us different from the others. The features that make us more special than the others are:

  • Our operation manager will confirm day to day provision of best cleaning facilities.
  • We have emergency crews in case of any urgent needs during day or night.
  • We maintain a proper inspection system to check the cleaning quality.
  • Our machinery and cleaning products ensure best windows and eaves cleaning.
  • We also provide reliable fast snow removal services
  • We believe in maintaining a long term relationship with clients.
  • We provide best services at quite affordable rates.

Our Customers

Our customers are the heart of our company. We ensure the best services and develop a long term trustworthy relationship with the customer. With our excellent affordable services we have developed a huge loyal customer base. So hire us for remarkable window cleaning Toronto services and enjoy clean well maintained surroundings.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

We excel in residential window cleaning.

  1. Exterior only [W1]

    No removal of window, storm or screen. Remove loose dirt and water from sills.

  2. Two-sided job [W2]

    Interior and exterior of window or storm. No removal of window, storm or screen. Remove loose dirt and water from sills.

  3. Three sided job [W3]

    Brush screens to remove loose dirt. Remove storm, clean both sides. Clean exterior window. Replace storm. Remove loose dirt and water form sills.

  4. Four sided job [W4]

    Remove storm, clean both sides. Clean both sides of window. Brush screens to remove loose dirt. Replace storm. Remove loose dirt and water from sills.

  5. Additional Work

    Additional work will be charged $130 per hour for a two man crew.

Eavestrough Cleaning

We clean thousands of eavestroughs every year.

  1. Clean interior of house eaves [EH]

    Does NOT include repairs, installation of cages, removal of screens, or check downspouts.

  2. Clean interior of garage eaves [EG]

    Clean interior of garage eaves. Does NOT include repairs, installation of cages or removal of screens.

  3. Clean the mouth of down spout and install downspout cage [DSC]

    Price per cage is $5.

  4. Snake downspouts and remove any clogs [SDS]

    If we are unable to clean your downspouts, we will not charge for this.

  5. Additional Work

    Additional work will be charged $130 per hour for a two man crew. This does not include the cost of materials

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David from Streakfree window cleaning cleaned the interior and exterior windows of our home in Milton, Ontario. He was on-time, professional, friendly, courteous, removed his shoes, and very fast. Windows are spotless, crystal clear. Wife very happy. Excellent value. I highly recommend this individual and company. We will hire again next spring.

Rob Rathke

I hired StreakFree Windows Cleaning because they had high rating on the HomeStars and came up with a reasonable estimate. The guy did a great job, was able to communicate to my mother who doesn’t speak much English and even did something she asked for that was not part of the estimate (cleaning part of the roof) – thanks guys! I also liked the company because as soon as I called them they dropped the estimate in the mailbox right the next day and came in as soon as I asked to – very swift communication! I will hire them again for sure, thanks a lot!

Olga Strijewski

David has been taking care of a number of us on a Cabbagetown street, clearing eaves and cleaning windows. He is personable, energetic and first-rate at his job — he always goes out of his way to help. Recently, when we had a wet basement, he even came by on a busy Saturday to clear the front eaves to make sure that was not adding to the problem. We highly recommend Streakfree

Jennifer Rae

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